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Top 5 Free Apps to Ace Your Digital SAT Preparation

1. Khan Academy

Description: In partnership with the College Board, Khan Academy offers a personalized learning experience with practice questions and interactive lessons tailored to each student's needs. It's designed to build mastery in math, reading, and writing.


  • Personalized learning dashboard

  • Official SAT practice questions and tests

  • Interactive video lessons

  • Instant feedback and progress tracking


  • Completely free with no hidden costs

  • Custom learning paths based on individual strengths and weaknesses

  • Official practice materials directly from the makers of the SAT


  • Lacks the gamified learning experience found in some other apps

  • Content is primarily academic, with fewer test-taking strategies

2. Quizlet

Description: Quizlet is a versatile learning tool that offers students the ability to study with flashcards, games, and quizzes. While it's not exclusively for SAT prep, its extensive library includes materials covering key SAT concepts.


  • Customizable flashcards

  • Study sets for various SAT topics

  • Learning games and quizzes

  • Study modes including matching, learn, and test


  • Highly flexible and customizable study options

  • Supports collaborative learning and sharing of study materials

  • Free access to a vast amount of user-generated content


  • Quality of content can vary since it's user-generated

  • May require some searching to find high-quality SAT-specific study sets

3. Magoosh SAT Prep

Description: Magoosh's SAT Prep app offers comprehensive study materials, including practice questions, video lessons, and a customizable study schedule designed to improve your score.


  • Hundreds of SAT practice questions

  • Video explanations for each concept

  • Study schedules and progress tracking

  • Email support from tutors


  • High-quality, detailed explanations for questions

  • Video lessons that cover a wide range of topics

  • User-friendly interface and progress tracking


  • The free version has limited content compared to the premium version

  • Some features require internet access to use

4. SAT: Practice, Prep, Flashcards (by Varsity Tutors)

Description: This app by Varsity Tutors offers a comprehensive suite of tools for SAT prep, including practice tests, flashcards, and customizable quizzes, designed to fit a variety of learning styles.


  • Thousands of practice questions

  • Full-length, timed practice tests

  • Interactive flashcards

  • Custom quiz builder


  • A wide variety of question types and difficulty levels

  • Ability to customize quizzes based on topic and difficulty

  • Immediate feedback with detailed explanations


  • Interface can be less intuitive compared to other apps

  • Some users may find the amount of content overwhelming

5. BlueBook Exam App (Digital SAT Practice)

Description: Specifically designed for the new digital SAT format, the BlueBook Exam App offers realistic practice tests and questions, mirroring the digital experience of the actual exam.


  • Official practice questions and tests for the digital SAT

  • Timed practice sections to simulate real test conditions

  • Instant scoring and feedback

  • Question explanations and tips


  • Directly mimics the format and interface of the digital SAT

  • Offers the most up-to-date practice for the new exam format

  • Includes official content from the College Board


  • Limited in scope to just practice tests and questions, with fewer instructional resources

  • Requires consistent internet access for full functionality

These apps each offer unique advantages for SAT prep, from comprehensive practice materials to specialized study aids. By understanding the pros and cons of each, students can choose the tools that best fit their learning style and needs, creating a customized study plan that maximizes their chances of success on the digital SAT.

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