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At Baywill, our mission is to empower students in their journey to achieve their academic and personal goals, and to create a community of supportive like minded individuals. 

With this vision in mind, we are excited to help support students in making their dreams a reality. Share your story with us for a chance to win a $1000 scholarship!


Application Deadline July 1, 2024


  • Must currently attend high school, community college, college/university, graduate or professional school

  • Must have dreams.

  • Must be working to make your dreams a reality.

  • Fill and submit scholarship application HERE

Studying in the Library

2023 Baywill Dream Scholarship Winner

Nidhi Padakanti

Chantilly High School in Chantilly, Virginia

Eco-Innovator Changing the Game in Hospitality


The Baywill Dream Scholarship is more than a financial grant; it's a beacon of hope for students daring to transform their passions into tangible change. This year, it illuminates the path for a visionary entrepreneur — Nidhi Padakanti. Nidhi’s blend of hospitality with environmentalism represents the pioneering spirit the scholarship seeks to foster.


Meet the Winner

Nidhi, a driven student who graduated from Chantilly High School in Virginia, carries a unique aspiration—melding the world of hospitality with sustainability. Her dream crystallized from her awareness of the hospitality industry's environmental footprint and her resolve to redefine its future. By integrating green practices into this sector, Nidhi is crafting a new narrative for how hotels interact with the environment.


Pursuing the Dream

Nidhi’s pursuit is marked by proactive steps toward innovation and leadership. With GreenBox, her startup, she not only placed first in a business plan competition but also secured an impactful internship at SandP hotels. There, she didn't just observe—she enacted change by spearheading energy-saving measures, exemplified by her successful LED lighting proposal at a Marriott property.


Impact and Future Vision

Nidhi’s work transcends the local community, targeting global sustainability through hospitality. Her internship experiences and business acumen have already started reducing carbon emissions. As she aspires to study abroad, Nidhi seeks to absorb international practices and broaden her influence, aiming to be a catalyst for eco-friendly industry standards.


Nidhi Padakanti is not just a scholarship winner; she's a harbinger of a greener future in the hospitality industry. As we recognize Nidhi’s determination and ingenuity, we also celebrate the spirit of innovation that this scholarship supports. Her story is a call to action for all dreamers striving to make a world of difference.

Padakanti Nidhi Headshot.jpg
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