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My Battle with Standardized Tests: A Different Kind of Score

In the realm of school, where scores and numbers often seem to dictate our paths, I found myself on a journey that taught me the true essence of resilience. This isn't just a tale of overcoming a standardized test; it's my story of facing my deepest fears and emerging stronger on the other side.


The Challenge

I was that student who always found comfort in the predictability of my academic achievements. So, when I encountered a series of disappointingly low scores in my standardized test practices—consistently landing in the 10th percentile—it wasn't just my academic confidence that was shattered. My entire self-worth felt under siege. I was used to being in the 80th percentile, and this sudden shift brought me to tears, led me into a spiral of depression, and filled me with dread at the thought of disappointing my parents or facing my friends.


The Turning Point

Yet, amidst this turmoil, giving up was never an option. One day, I decided that I was only going to focus on my actions and not on the results. I took each day as it came and attempted to follow my study plan. Granted, I basically only accomplished 50% of my study plan daily but, hey, that was better than 10% or nothing at all!


The Outcome

When I sat for the standardized test again, the results were beyond what the numbers showed. Yes, I had moved past the 50th percentile, a feat that once seemed impossible. But more importantly, I had traversed a path filled with self-doubt and fear, only to find a version of myself that was resilient, determined, and ready to face whatever came next.



My battle with the standardized test has taught me that resilience is found in the moments when we feel most vulnerable. If my journey resonates with you, I hope it serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging you to persevere through your own trials. To anyone out there feeling overwhelmed by their challenges, know this: Your worth is not defined by any score, and your journey is uniquely yours. Keep pushing forward, for the light at the end of the tunnel shines brightest for those who dare to persevere.


The Resilient Scholar

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